‘My daddy killed me.’: 3-Year-Old Girl Shot 5 Times Tells Police Before She Dies

(Image: Screenshot/YouTube/WTHR)

A dad will spend the rest of his life in prison for the heinous murder of a Lafayette mother and her daughter.

Devonta Roberts, 28, was sentenced to 120 years in prison by Judge Sean Persin on Friday. In May, Roberts entered a plea of guilty to two counts of murder: one for the murder of his 22-year-old girlfriend, Victoria Moore, and another for the murder of their 3-year-old daughter, Datoria Roberts, according to WFLI.

Roberts began firing at Moore on July 5, 2021, while she was holding their child in her arms on the inside of a Romney Meadows residence. He gunned down the pair 22 times with a handgun and an extended magazine that he was openly carrying around the apartments.

Moore’s nonverbal 5-year-old son begged neighbors for assistance, prompting police to respond. Persin described the body-cam footage from the scene as the “worst video” he’d ever seen.

While fighting for her life, the 3-year-old girl informed a Lafayette policeman, “My daddy killed me.” She was airlifted to a hospital in Indianapolis, where she died from loss of blood.

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And in the meantime, officers discovered her mother dead on the kitchen floor.

Roberts has bipolar disorder and receives Social Security benefits because of a learning disability. His defense attorneys pointed out that his IQ is lesser than that of 99% of Americans.

They declined to comment following the hearing, only stating that Roberts intended to appeal his sentence.

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When given an opportunity to speak, Roberts began to look around the courthouse at relatives and said, “I wish I could give them back to you.”

He gazed blankly as he heard his sentence, whereas victims’ families wiped away tears and shook in suffering.


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