Reckless: Surveillance Video Captures Demented Woman Trying to Run Over Another Lady After Fight and Mows Down Disabled Man

(Image: Screenshot/YouTube/CBS New York)

According to police, a 59-year-old guy sitting on a Queens sidewalk died in a hit-and-run when a woman aiming her vehicle at another person mowed him down instead.

Around 7:18 a.m. Saturday, Milton Storch was sitting on his walker on the outside of a deli on Beach 20th St. just next to New Haven Ave. in Far Rockaway when two women, one 27 and the other 26, got into a dispute that managed to turn violent.

The enraged 27-year-old jumped behind the wheel of her Honda Accord and fired up the engine, evidently in the hope of running down her rival. A passenger was also seen getting into the car in the video.

According to video obtained by ABC7, the Honda went up onto the walkway, sending numerous people fleeing for their lives.

Storch, sitting down on his walker, was unable to get out of the way. Storch watched as other pedestrians fled — and saw the car approaching him.

According to police, the 26-year-old woman who was the target of the motorist’s rage moved out of the way of the Honda. She can be seen on video running into the deli. She escaped unharmed.

The demented motorist fled from the scene in her Honda, but the 26-year-old woman outlined her to authorities. She was still being searched for as of late Saturday.

According to police, Storch suffered critical head injuries and died at St. John’s Hospital. The 37-year-old man was injured in the back but is expected to fully recover.

Storch resided several blocks from the scene of the crime. “It was very sad, the way he died,” said a 43-year-old neighbor who requested anonymity.



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