Terrifying Audio: Nappy Roots Fish Scales Robbery & Shooting: Possible Inside Job

(Image: Screenshot/YouTube/11Alive)

Fish Scales of Nappy Roots is recovering from a gunshot wound after being abducted outside his own restaurant – and now 911 playback and police documents expose the terrifying scene he escaped.

Scales was leaving his Atlantatucky brewery with his buddy Britt Robinson to get food, according to police documents obtained by TMZ Hip Hop. Scales proceeded outside to check on Robinson after he was prolonged for several minutes outside.

Scales told investigators that’s when an armed gunman approached him, brandished a gun, and started demanding cash before forcing him back inside the brewery.

Robinson remained outside when he called 911, telling dispatch that numerous suspects had taken his weapon and house keys before going after Scales and demanding he open a safe inside Atlantatucky.

Robinson says he saw the gunman on the phone during the heist, possibly asking for clues as to where the money was stashed.

Once the assailants returned with Scales, they were steadfast about going for additional cash despite the fact that the digital payment brewery only had $20 to $30, and they did know Scales’ address.

Scales said that that after loading into the car, the assailants started demanding to enter his residence, and the second suspect Tasered him in the back of his head.

Scales eventually decided to flee the vehicle after pleading in vain… where the first suspect ended up getting out and began wrestling with him, asserting, “I don’t want to hurt you.”

Scales was hit in the left calf by a single gunshot during the physical struggle.

Scales started running, and he ran far enough to recognize he wasn’t being sought. The Nappy Roots rap artist then went to the nearest house, knocked on the door, and asked the residents to call the cops.

Scales also told officers that he dealt with a disgruntled former employee just under a year ago but couldn’t remember his name. He also believes one of the assailants was attempting to conceal their voice.

The suspects are still being sought by cops.


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