Tulsa Mass Shooting Suspect Purchased AR-15 Just Hours Before Shooting

Tulsa Mass Shooting Suspect Purchased AR-15 Just Hours Before Shooting
Tulsa Mass Shooting Suspect Purchased AR-15 Just Hours Before Shooting (Image: Screenshot/YouTube/KFOR Oklahoma's News 4)

The shooter’s doctor was among those slain in a mass shooting at a medical building in Tulsa, according to police. According to investigators, the shooter had complained about back discomfort several times and sought more treatment in the days leading up to the incident.

According to authorities, five individuals were killed in the shooting on the grounds of Saint Francis Health System, including the perpetrator. According to The Associated Press, two doctors, Preston Phillips — who had treated the gunman — and Stephanie Husen, as well as Amanda Glenn, an employee, and William Love, a patient, were slain.

Michael Louis, the gunman, is believed to have shot himself, according to police.

Tulsa Police Chief Wendell Franklin said the gunman had sought medical attention on May 19 for back surgery under Phillips’ care, at a press conference on Thursday.

On May 24, the gunman was released from the hospital. After that, the gunman contacted several times, complaining of agony and requesting more treatment. Phillips met the shooter again on Tuesday for more treatment.

On Wednesday, the gunman called Phillips’ office again, requesting extra help and complaining of back discomfort.

According to Franklin, the gunman bought an AR-15-style rifle from a nearby gun shop about 2 p.m. Wednesday, hours before the attack. On May 29, the shooter bought a semiautomatic weapon from a pawn shop.

Someone who was not at the hospital but was on a video call with a doctor who was, contacted 911 at 4:52 p.m. on Wednesday to report a shooting, according to Franklin. The police received more specific calls after that. At 4:56 p.m., police arrived on the scene.

According to Franklin, police discovered a note on the suspect that stated that he intended to kill “Dr. Phillips and anyone who got in his way.”

“He blamed Dr. Phillips for the ongoing pain following the surgery,” Franklin added.



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