Atlanta Police Release Bodycam Footage Regarding a Viral Video Arrest

(Image: Screenshot/YouTube/11ALIVE)

Atlanta police are describing why they believe an officer used force during an arrest earlier this week.

One angle of the arrest is depicted in a video that has since gone viral. The clip from the officer’s body-worn camera is now being released by police.

Officers patrolling Shady Valley Park in northeast Atlanta noticed a man and woman in the park after hours on Sunday.

Both the man and the woman are seen receiving citations from the officer.

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The man is heard asking if he is required to sign the ticket. He is then informed that he will be arrested if he does not sign the ticket.

The lady then approaches and refuses to sign her ticket. She requests the officer’s full name and badge number. He introduces himself as Officer Brooks and twice gives her his badge number.

He begins to arrest her as she continues to refuse to sign the ticket.

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“I know but I’m going to sign the ticket,” the woman says while resisting the arrest. ‘Put your hands behind your back,’” Officer Brooks said. “Mr. Brooks, I’m going to sign the ticket,” she can be heard saying.

The video, which shows the woman, Angel Guice, trying to converse with an officer who is trying to arrest her, has already been viewed thousands of times in the last 24 hours.

She is rolled to the ground moments later, her hair wrap pulled off in the process.

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